Correct Sitting Posture

What is the correct sitting posture?

Much more of our time is spent sitting these days, so correct sitting posture is essential if you want to get, or keep, your body working well.

How do you sit correctly? All you do is sit in the chair right? Well, there are a couple of simple rules to follow here that make a huge difference. In fact you can test them for yourself.

1. Sit With Your Hips Higher Than Your Knees

Put something underneath your bottom as you sit to accomplish this. A few towels works well. Or get a “lumbar seat wedge” to make life a little easier.

Why does this work? How does this help me?

Feel For Yourself

When your knees go higher than your hips, your body slumps forward and you can’t breathe as easy. Most couches fall into this category, and certainly most car seats.

  • Find a seat that causes your bottom to sink in (knees higher than hips)
  • Let your body relax and see how easily it slumps
  • Take the biggest breath you can
  • Now put something firm under your seat – a few towels – enough to get your hips higher than your knees

For most people,you will feel your body straighten up (even when relaxed) and you can get a fuller breath.


Why is this?

Because this is a healthy way to sit! Sitting this way prevents bones going out of place and allows your body to relax and not work so hard – it helps support your body. It rotates the pelvis forward – restoring normal curves in your spine. If you sit the other way (the way most seats are designed to make you sit), this will reverse your natural spinal curves… not something that will help your body to correct.

2. Sit With Feet Flat on the Floor

This provides your body with the support it needs. It feels good and will cause much less strain on your body.

Other Tips We’ve Learned for Correct Sitting Posture

  • If the seat or chair is difficult to get up from, most likely it is messing up your body. Find a new seat!
  • Reading in bed will almost always pull bones forward and out of place in the direction your body cannot correct on its own. Make sure your hips are higher than your knees and your head isn’t tilted forward.
  • Use a lumbar seat wedge in your car. Car seats are not made to help your body. We can provide a good quality one of these for you.
  • Recliners will pull bones out of position – they cause your body to slump and of course put your knees higher than your hips.

Now that you know how to sit properly, learn how to choose the correct shoes!